Chapter 1

There is no such thing as dragons. There never has been. They are mythical creatures that have never been real. They just do not exist. Fossils of dinosaurs had been found. Herbivores, omnivores, even the dangerous carnivores had all been found and documented. You could go to the library or search online and see pictures.Continue reading “Chapter 1”


The nightmare was getting worse. Each night was stronger, and when he closed his eyes, he felt himself slipping further into the cold, dark depths. There were things there, and he feared they would come back with him. That they would be there, waiting. He knew it was silly. Nightmares weren’t real. They were justContinue reading “Prologue”

Here Be Dragons: Chapter 9

They didn’t have much time, and needed to get out of there. Riley quickly stood from the chair and ran, barely noticing that the chair melted into the ground as soon as she took off. “We need weapons. Like, lasers and stuff.  Any place we can get some?” Riley said over her shoulder to BruceContinue reading “Here Be Dragons: Chapter 9”