Chapter 10

“Run! You need to run!” Raz yelled frantically, thrashing in the dragon’s claws as the beast bore down on her. Riley stood her ground. The dragon focused on her. She focused on the dragon. She needed to time this…just…right. Sure enough, it lowered its head, just like she’d seen raptors do in those films. ThoseContinue reading “Chapter 10”

Chapter 6

Here Be Dragons – Chapter 6
Is that a… Dragon???

Here Be Dragons: Chapter 9

They didn’t have much time, and needed to get out of there. Riley quickly stood from the chair and ran, barely noticing that the chair melted into the ground as soon as she took off. “We need weapons. Like, lasers and stuff.  Any place we can get some?” Riley said over her shoulder to BruceContinue reading “Here Be Dragons: Chapter 9”