Chapter 20

As soon as the world fell away around her, she knew what was happening. The second time was not as disorienting. Much to her surprise, slipping into the new realm felt natural. It shouldn’t be this comfortable, should it? Yet, as the sound of explosions erupted around her, the ground shaking, she wasn’t startled. SheContinue reading “Chapter 20”

Chapter 19

“So, you think this will work?” Riley asked. Since Mrs. Phillips had given them approval, Riley wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with it. She wasn’t even sure she could do what she had previously done. It wasn’t like she made a habit of slipping into other people’s dreams. Not once in all theContinue reading “Chapter 19”

Chapter 18

The first thing Riley noticed as they neared the bottom of the stairs was the icy chill emanating from the brightly lit area. Then she heard thrumming and pulsing sounds. When she looked around, she saw the cause, her jaw dropping open.  They stood in a large, cavernous room, which seemed larger than the gym at school. To her right were two rows of rack–mounted computers that stretched the length of the room, their cords running aboveContinue reading “Chapter 18”

Chapter 17

Riley couldn’t believe she had been right about the entrance being in the closet. Especially since the little she had seen of it looked so old and dingy that there was no way people went through there on a regular basis. “Is there another entrance?” Riley asked as she looked around the little room. “I’mContinue reading “Chapter 17”

Chapter 16

“Patricia!” the old man snapped, his eyes wide.  “Can’t you just go in and get him out?” Riley asked, wiggling around in the boxes, trying to pull herself up.  “There’s some kind of wall. It’s keeping us from getting to him.”  “Patricia, you can’t be telling her this!” the old man said, grasping her arm and pulling her back into the store. “Why don’t you go…stock some shelves or something.”  It wasContinue reading “Chapter 16”

Chapter 15

Riley quickly propelled herself through the aisle. Unfortunately, she realized it was not toward the front door. She glanced over her shoulder, expecting to see Suzy following, but didn’t see her or the old man.   Crap. She was running toward the back of the store.  Riley couldn’t believe the old man had gotten Suzy. She was the faster of the two of them, so she had to have gotten away. Maybe she went another direction. Since she didn’tContinue reading “Chapter 15”

Chapter 14

Riley thought she was done for, falling into some hidden stairwell. It was dark, making it difficult to tell how long it was. When she broke her neck at the bottom, she’d have to wait for the “nightmare police” to come find her. They’d wonder who the heck this kid was who lay at theContinue reading “Chapter 14”

Chapter 13

“You know you’re being stupid, right?” Suzy chided. She hadn’t believed Riley when she told her about the dream stuff, and Riley didn’t blame her. It was nuts. Plus, Suzy knew Bruce. She should have known she did. It wasn’t like they lived in a big town. Of course Suzy knew the loner kid aContinue reading “Chapter 13”

Chapter 12

Hours later, after calming the angry creature that was Aunt Alice, Riley hobbled through the front door of her home. She wished she could just climb into bed, but her aunt was quick to say no to that idea. “Just because you have a cast on your leg doesn’t mean you can’t wash the dishes.”Continue reading “Chapter 12”

Chapter 11

“She’s waking up. Help me get her to bed.” “Why didn’t she have a monitor on her?” “Dr. Phillips didn’t think it necessary.” Riley heard the words, but they were hard to comprehend. She had seen a light. It was bright and blinding, then there was nothing…except for this throbbing pain in her head. WhatContinue reading “Chapter 11”