Chapter 9

They needed to get out of there. Riley quickly stood from the chair and ran, not noticing that the chair melted into the ground as soon as she took off. “We need weapons. Like, lasers and stuff. Any ideas?” Riley yelled over her shoulder to Bruce, then looked to her side as the girl keptContinue reading “Chapter 9”

Chapter 8

The smell of death and decay wafted, the dragon’s hot breath slamming into her as it held her up, studied her. The beast was strong, its grip like iron. There was no give as she fought to pull away the individual claws. The beast had her, and she had no way of escaping. She knewContinue reading “Chapter 8”

Chapter 7

Riley didn’t have time to think. She jumped to the side, hoping she could get far enough away to get out of the fire’s path. To her amazement, she didn’t need to jump far. Where had this rock come from? She scrambled behind it and crouched, watching the flames blossom around her. Had the rockContinue reading “Chapter 7”

Chapter 6

Here Be Dragons – Chapter 6
Is that a… Dragon???

Chapter 4

Suzy and her mom didn’t stick around long. Her mom wanted to get home and make supper. Rileyknew Suzy wasn’t happy she had to leave, but atleast one adult cared enough to stay for a bit.  As soon as they were out the door, though, she realized how tired she was. She carefullyslipped down in the bed, ready to shut her eyes and disappear into sleep.  “Long day, huh?” asked a quiet voice. Continue reading “Chapter 4”

Chapter 3

Riley opened her eyes, not sure where she was. She really felt out of it. What happened? Had she really been dumb enough to go down Deadman’s?   She shifted to roll out of bed, and the instant pain that screamed across every muscle in her body told her, Yep, she really was that dumb.  “Hey, don’t get up,” came a soothing voice she immediately recognized.   Riley slowly turned her head, seeing she was inContinue reading “Chapter 3”

Chapter 2

Deadman’s Curve… No one knew who first started calling it that. Maybe it was like those creepy ghost stories where no one knew how the story got started. It just spread on its own, each new telling of the tale making it more treacherous than the last.  Riley almost wondered if they started calling it that just to mess with her. Being the new kid sucked so much sometimes. EvenContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Chapter 1

There is no such thing as dragons. There never has been. They are mythical creatures that have never been real. They just do not exist. Fossils of dinosaurs had been found. Herbivores, omnivores, even the dangerous carnivores had all been found and documented. You could go to the library or search online and see pictures.Continue reading “Chapter 1”


The nightmare was getting worse. Each night was stronger, and when he closed his eyes, he felt himself slipping further into the cold, dark depths. There were things there, and he feared they would come back with him. That they would be there, waiting. He knew it was silly. Nightmares weren’t real. They were justContinue reading “Prologue”