Chapter 8

Riley opened her eyes to find herself in her living room, Suzy also waking up. Bruce, Patty and Cat were already awake and sitting on the couch, all of them looking shaken by what had just happened. Standing over all of them in the center of the room, her fiery gaze burrowing in Riley, stoodContinue reading “Chapter 8”

Chapter 7

They landed on the far side of the course. Riley had not had a chance to race this side of the track, but when she had planned it, she had a lot of fun creating the dark eerie elements that she thought some of her friends would enjoy. Now, the dark, dead trees that’s limbsContinue reading “Chapter 7”

Chapter 5

Riley’s new armor felt right to her, and even more, she felt that it looked cool. It was made from layered dark brown leather and covered ever part of her. From the steel toed boots that looks like large black combat boots to the thick, sturdy leather of her pants. Her upper body was madeContinue reading “Chapter 5”

Chapter 2

“Have you lost your mind?” Patty blurted out, looking from Riley to Suzy. Cat looked bewildered as her mouth hung open and she went back and forth from looking to Suzy, to Riley, and then back to Patty.“How do you know about the dreamscape?” She finally asked looking at Suzy. “I mean, I’d heard aboutContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Chapter 1

“And he stepped into the quantum accelerator, and vanished…” “What… are you watching?” The voice came from the door. Riley quickly turned from her place on the floor and looked up to see Saber. Her real name was Patty… But Riley liked thinking of her by her dreamscape name, not by her secret identity. See,Continue reading “Chapter 1”


The room was dark and cold, silent except for the distant sound of water dripping to a puddle. He was alone, the room was empty as he sat on the cool chilled cement floor. Ice felt like It was flooding through him and he shivered from the constant cold around him. He could see hisContinue reading “Prologue”

Chapter 38

“Okay. How do we fix this?” Saber asked, pulling back from Riley and quickly wiping away the tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t know. How did this happen?” Riley asked. She pulled back, but her hand stayed on the large snout. She kept her eyes locked on his. “How did you know?” the dragonContinue reading “Chapter 38”

Chapter 37

Saber ducked, covering her head, but Riley never flinched. Before the fire had even left the large mouth of the beast, she had extended her hand. As the flame neared, it veered around them. Slowly standing, Saber watched in awe as Riley stood there, her face blank. She used the strange powers she had toContinue reading “Chapter 37”

Chapter 15

Riley quickly propelled herself through the aisle. Unfortunately, she realized it was not toward the front door. She glanced over her shoulder, expecting to see Suzy following, but didn’t see her or the old man.   Crap. She was running toward the back of the store.  Riley couldn’t believe the old man had gotten Suzy. She was the faster of the two of them, so she had to have gotten away. Maybe she went another direction. Since she didn’tContinue reading “Chapter 15”

Chapter 14

Riley thought she was done for, falling into some hidden stairwell. It was dark, making it difficult to tell how long it was. When she broke her neck at the bottom, she’d have to wait for the “nightmare police” to come find her. They’d wonder who the heck this kid was who lay at theContinue reading “Chapter 14”