Chapter 4

Beep, beep, beep…BEEP!Three red lights cascaded down until from a street light free floating in the air until they reached green. Then it was off to the races, all of their mini cars lurched forward to the sound of ringing that was reminiscent of coins dropping to the ground.All of them were laughing as theyContinue reading “Chapter 4”

Chapter 2

“Have you lost your mind?” Patty blurted out, looking from Riley to Suzy. Cat looked bewildered as her mouth hung open and she went back and forth from looking to Suzy, to Riley, and then back to Patty.“How do you know about the dreamscape?” She finally asked looking at Suzy. “I mean, I’d heard aboutContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Chapter 39

The three of them suddenly found themselves in what felt like a sci-fi video game. They were back in what looked like that first dream Riley had ever entered. The black floor was flat, a grid pattern stretched as far as the eye could see, the lines pulsing red. Other than the pink sky, thereContinue reading “Chapter 39”

Chapter 38

“Okay. How do we fix this?” Saber asked, pulling back from Riley and quickly wiping away the tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t know. How did this happen?” Riley asked. She pulled back, but her hand stayed on the large snout. She kept her eyes locked on his. “How did you know?” the dragonContinue reading “Chapter 38”

Chapter 37

Saber ducked, covering her head, but Riley never flinched. Before the fire had even left the large mouth of the beast, she had extended her hand. As the flame neared, it veered around them. Slowly standing, Saber watched in awe as Riley stood there, her face blank. She used the strange powers she had toContinue reading “Chapter 37”

Chapter 36

“Crap” was all Riley was able to get out before the fire blasted from the dragon. To her surprise, though, it hadn’t been directly aimed at them. Something inside the lair drew most the dragon’s fiery breath, so only the overflow shot toward them. She didn’t move, still stunned at the sight of the largeContinue reading “Chapter 36”

Chapter 35

The frog missed. Either that, or it wasn’t jumping toward them in the first place. It jumped so much higher than Riley could have imagined. Higher than Riley remembered the ceiling being. When she looked, she couldn’t even see the rock above them anymore. There was only darkness overhead. It landed quietly behind them. TheyContinue reading “Chapter 35”

Chapter 34

Riley sensed herself moving. She just wasn’t sure how or where she was. The world around her felt foggy, and there was a stabbing pain at the base of her neck. “I got you,” a familiar voice said. “Wha…,” Riley started to say, but her mouth felt full of cotton and she doubted she couldContinue reading “Chapter 34”