Chapter 5

Riley’s new armor felt right to her, and even more, she felt that it looked cool. It was made from layered dark brown leather and covered ever part of her. From the steel toed boots that looks like large black combat boots to the thick, sturdy leather of her pants. Her upper body was made to look like warriors’ armor, close to what she had seen straight out of the first Wonder Woman movie. Not Wonder Woman itself. No, she had created it from the amazon warriors. The one’s who rode the horses and leapt with bow and arrows to fire nailing the center of targets a hundred yards away. Her arms were covered in more thick leather with reinforced elbow pads and bracers around her wrists.
She felt alive, like electricty was flowing through her, because as she landed in what was her hero pose, ready to take on whatever this dream had to throw at her, in her hand she also gripped her fire axe. She had changed it since her initial design, which had just been an electric axe similar to how Saber’s electric sword flowed. Riley had wanted something different, and such, Wraith Killer was born.
The axe was large, the head of it nearly half the size of her, and all of it a burning red blade. The fire constantly shifting inside the constraints of a sharpened blade that could cut through the toughest of steel. Captain America’s shield would be no match for this blade. The fire only erupting from it when she wanted too.
It appeared only when she wanted it to, and all was within the large hilt she held in her hand. The hilt was of forged iron and was her own design. Looking like that of a unicorn, but stretched in a long handle design where the flames for the blade emerged from where the unicorn’s horn would be.
Sure, it might not have been practical, but it was a dream. It didn’t have to be. To her, it just looked awesome, and while it might not have all been within them to her warrior garb, it was all one hundred percent her. She was ready to kick butt with it.
She held the axe high behind her, ready to strike as she took in her attacker.
It looked like death was there to get them. The figure stood nearly eight foot, it’s face hidden by dark black robes that were torn and tattered, but thick. The blade that had cut her racer in two, looked like a sickle, and it was already raising it from where it had sliced through even part of the racetrack as it stood there watching her.
“Who are you?” Riley yelled at the thing as it towered over her.
It answered in a growling unearthly laugh that she felt rumble through the dream around her.
Then blade came down in a large swipe at her. The stem extended so where the creature was still at a distance, the blade only missed by inches as she had jumped away.
As soon as she landed though, it had closed the distance and was already brining the blade down for a chopping strike that would split her in two. For as large as the thing was, it was also incredibly fast. Too fast she though, as she barely had time to bring up her own blade to stop the strike.
“That all you got Rumple.” Riley said through her gritted teeth as she pushed back the blade. It flew back, and before the robed creature could swing it again, Riley had dashed to its side and swung around her own fire blade. It went through the robe like it was butter and the fabric was engulfed in flames.
Riley watched as the fire leapt higher moving towards the hooded face. She thought she might see the face behind the mask, maybe if the flames reached close enough, she would see something. However, as she watched the flames, she wasn’t watching the sickle.
“Watch out!” Saber yelled.
Riley barely had time to look in time to see the blade swooping down towards her, but had still reacted, dropping down to the ground. Though it had thrown her off her balance, and the hilt of the Wraith Killer flew from her hand, she had avoided the blow that would have sliced her in two with only a scratch on the back of her hand. The pain was immediate and burned as the red crimson started to emerge from the wound.
The fires along the creature’s robe went out and Riley was quickly back pedaling from how she had landed on her but to keep the next strike from the blade taking her out. She tried to glance over to where her axe had fallen, but ever time she tried to see it, the creature brought down the scythe crashing to the ground in a shower of sparks, bringing her attention to his stalking form.
It brought down the sickle again in a chop that was meant to cut her into two, but Saber leapt from her car and caught the blade with her own vibrant purple electric sword.
“Riley!” Suzy yelled. Riley had forgotten all about her and chanced a quick look over to see that the branch was still over her racer and Suzy was struggling to get free. She was facing away from them, and Riley didn’t think she could even see what was going on.
Boy was she lucky, Riley thought as she looked around for the glowing blade. She couldn’t find it. It was a large blade of burning flame. It should be glowing… so why couldn’t she find It?
“Riley? What are you doing” Saber yelled as she somersaulted past her. As she did, the blade came down between them, just missing them both.
Riley quickly stood, recoiling back as she studied the ground around her and taking In the scene of the creature turning to face Saber. Saber, the more advanced warrior was again on the move and had already jumped over the thing so It was again behind It ready to strike with her sword. It was ready for the blade, and as more sparks flew, Riley turned away to look for her axe.
“I’m looking for my axe!”
“What do you mean why? To help you fight.”
Saber ran past her and as she did, she slice her blade at where the things midsection should have been. To both of their surprise, the creature had leapt high Into the air and flipped Itself so It landed safely behind Riley. Riley turned, her breath caught In her throat as she looked up at the dominating presence.
“Riley! Help me! I’m trapped. I can’t get this branch off me.” Suzy called over to her. Riley didn’t dare look though. She felt more like she was in the presence of a dementor, as she could just feel the burning in her chest as her skin went cold. It was like her life was getting sucked away, and she couldn’t even see the eyes of the creature as she looked straight into the hooded darkness.
“Your axe! Use it!”
Riley barely caught the motion of the of the blade as it was coming down to strike at her, but it was enough. She brought her axe up in one smooth motion to block it. Then she rolled back, somersaulting out from under its presence.
As she moved away, Saber had moved to strike. She had moved behind it and was bringing down her saber to chop it down. Somehow it had known and had moved to the right, just enough to miss the blow. Saber was ready for it, and quickly brought up the saber as an upward strike. This one the creature hadn’t been ready for and the blow struck it into the shoulder.
The creature quickly twisted away, taking a moment to study its exposed shoulder, the cut having made its way through the robe to the dark green scales beneath.
It looked back to Saber and swung it sickle around.
That was when a red beam of light shot past the thing. Riley turned and saw that Raz had arrived. He had on his customary customized armor that was vaguely reminiscent of Batman’s black suit and cowl. However, in his hand he held a pulse blaster that was more reminiscent of a certain former storm trooper that they all loved.
At his side was a large black panther that was crouched down, at the ready to make a large leap to cover the distance and attack the large creature.
Riley turned back to the creature, sure it was getting ready to make its escape. If it had any sense in whatever mind it had, it wouldn’t stick around to fight the four of them. To her surprise, it merely sized them all up, then fired a beam of light from beneath its robe at the two newcomers, making them both dodge the blow.
“Riley!” Suzy called out again.
Riley turned to Saber, “You got this?”
“Get her.” Saber replied, and Riley quickly dodged the next slice of the sickle and started to run away from the fight.

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Author of the #zombie apocalypse trilogy Invisible Spiders and the Edge of Darkness series.

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