Chapter 2

“Have you lost your mind?” Patty blurted out, looking from Riley to Suzy. Cat looked bewildered as her mouth hung open and she went back and forth from looking to Suzy, to Riley, and then back to Patty.
“How do you know about the dreamscape?” She finally asked looking at Suzy. “I mean, I’d heard about her, but are you a walker too?”
Suzy was shaking her head no when Patty looked over at Bruce and saw him sitting there smiling.
“You knew?”
“What?” Bruce lost his smile.
“You knew she had this crazy idea? Of course you did. That’s why you’re here. I thought it was odd to invite a boy to a slumber party.”
“Oh come on, you had an idea of what was going on. You knew when you started lying to Doc.”
Riley opened her mouth to say something, but shut is as she sank in on herself and looked around at the rest of them.
“How do you know?” Cat asked, still not recovering from shock.
“Riley can’t keep a secret.” Suzy finally said, struggling to keep in the giggles.
“Then its a good thing she’s not a dream chaser.” Patty said, looking harshly at her.
“That was a low blow.” Bruce said grabbing a pillow from the floor and hugged it to his chest.
“Well come on. This is a secret project. If word got out, we could all get in a lot of trouble. You don’t go around talking about this, and she’s not even part of the project.”
“So what are you thinking?” Cat asked, ignoring Bruce and Patty even though they sat on either side of her. She kept her focus on Riley, a hint of a smile as she crossed her legs Indian style, intent on paying attention.
“I’m not sure. This is kinda an experiment. I mean. I hadn’t thought this through fully. I was thinking you all would go to sleep and I would touch each one of you and bring us all together in a dream.”
Patty scoffed. “Some plan. What if we can’t go to sleep? The rig puts us to sleep. What is one of us is naturally an insomniac?”
“Are you?” Riley asked? “How does the rig to put you to sleep? Drugs?”
“Well, no.” Patty said.
“It walks us through this like, meditation and has us count down.” Cat said. “I’ve actually recorded it. I have trouble sleeping so I recorded it onto my phone. It helps me sleep on my nights off.”
They were all looking at her, mouths open, no one really sure what to say.
“Hey, it’s not like its a secret or anything. Is it?”
“I guess not.” Bruce was the first one to say anything.
“Yeah, I guess it would be okay. I mean. I-” Patty, always so sure of herself was fumbling.
“Well, that should work, right? I mean, it puts you guys out.” Suzy said, looking at the rest of them for confirmation. Bruce nodded, but Patty sat up as though something just occurred to her.
“Yeah, but what about Riley. She needs to stay awake. If she falls asleep with the rest of us, then we’ll just wake up in the morning having had a good nights sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I would never complain about that. Just seems like kind of a waste.”
“I can leave the room. Cat, how long does it normally take?”
“Five, maybe ten minutes. Its always quick to put me out.”
“Yeah, it knocks me right out.” Bruce chimed in.
“Okay, so we have a plan.” Suzy said, excited. Riley could tell she was really getting into this idea. Why wouldn’t she? She’s been excluded all this time. This would finally be her chance to go into the dream scape. Riley hoped this worked. If so, she had something really fun planned for all of them.
“Let’s everyone lie down so that I come back and get down in the middle and be touching all of you.”
“Um, Houston, we have a problem.” Bruce said, looking at the floor in front of them.
“Yeah, there’s barely enough room for me to lie down there. How were you planning on doing this?”
“Crap.” Riley said, looking at her own floor, now wishing she had cleaned up some of the dirty clothes before they had come over. She hadn’t thought about how small her room was. For just her, it was perfect, but the five of them, it was a tight fit. She didn’t even have enough places for everyone to sit. Come on Riley, how could you be so dumb!?
“What about the living room? Your dad’s not coming home tonight is he?” Suzy asked.
“That works. You guys get set up and knocked out. I’ll finish my show and be down to bring you all into the dream world” Riley couldn’t help herself and said ‘dream world’ like she was telling a spooky story and stretched it out like a ghost saying ‘boo.’
“You’re such a ham.” Suzy said as she playfully pushed Riley, and Riley returned the push, broad smiles stretching across their faces. Bruce and Cat were laughing at them. Riley just shook her head and was the first to leave the room.
“We’re going to get into so much trouble for this.” She said as the left them all there giggling.

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Author of the #zombie apocalypse trilogy Invisible Spiders and the Edge of Darkness series.

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