The room was dark and cold, silent except for the distant sound of water dripping to a puddle. He was alone, the room was empty as he sat on the cool chilled cement floor. Ice felt like It was flooding through him and he shivered from the constant cold around him. He could see his breath every time he breathed out another scared, short gasp of air.
“What am I doing here?” He spoke Into the echo of the void.
It was a room without doors and windows. There was no way in or out. He was trapped within this nightmare, alone until it came for him again. There was no light for him to see the walls but he knew they were there. Just like he knew the creature was waiting for him just beyond them.
It wanted him to break free. If he escaped the room, It would be there waiting for him. Sometimes, he could heard it outside, the loud breathing would reverberate through the walls and shake the ground.
But what was waiting for him out there? Was it the creature he’d first seen, or would it be the large dragon he had seen last?
“Do you think you need to leave this room for me to get you?” A raspy voice boomed from the shadows, burning into his head making him scream out in pain.
“Why me?”
“Because you are my servant, and I am your master.”
“But why?”
“Do you serve me?”
He was on the ground now, the voice an echo in the room as he already knew the answer. He looked up into the darkness of the room and saw that there was now a shape standing there. A man in a hooded cloak, but it wasn’t a man, it just took the shape of one.
“Yes. I serve you.”
“Have you always served me?”
“Then why resist?”
“I don’t know.”
“You are my servant, but you failed me. Have you learned your lesson?”
“Yes, master.” He said.
“Good. Gooood. I see such young promise in you young one. So you will try again.”
“I will get them this time. I will make sure they are trapped in their own minds.”
“No. There is a new presence. There is a strong will. I have sensed her entering into the dream realm. That is our realm, but she thinks that she can control it.”
“The girl.”
“Yes, the girl. I want you to bring her to me.”
“She won’t come.”
“She will. Bring her to me, or we shall destroy her.”
“Yes Master.”
The presence was gone from the room. When he looked to where it had been, there stood an enormous staff, mounted to which, was a long blade.
He stood and walked towards the object, feeling the power emanating from it. He reached out and took, feeling the cool power coursing from it to him, the sensation an explosion of raw power in his head.
Now he would destroy the dream chasers. They would be no match for him. He knew it

Published by JasonRDavis

Author of the #zombie apocalypse trilogy Invisible Spiders and the Edge of Darkness series.

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