I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading Here Be Dragons. The finished novel is now available in Kindle, Print and coming soon to audio book. If you enjoyed the book, please help to support the author (me) and possibly purchase one of these mediums. You are not required of course, but it does show that you appreciated the work.

Another way to show appreciation is to leave a review. Either by commenting on any of the posts or on Amazon, all reviews help…


Now that Here be Dragons is done, I have started work on Here be Frogs, book 2 in the Dream Chaser’s series. The book is not done, but I will be posting that as well. Since the book is not complete, I will not be posting a chapter a day as I have been doing with Here be Dragons. If I did that, I would run out of chapters before I finished.

So instead, I will be posing only two chapters a week. I am thinking every Tuesday and Friday.

What will be posted with be a very early rough draft of the story. There will be typos – there will be little notes entered into the story such as <Insert Name> here and there as I will need to refer back to the first book to remember a characters name every so often. It will be raw as sometimes the chapter will have just been written the night before, typed on a phone that is notorious for auto-correcting mistakes that are not mistakes.

I hope that you enjoy as we continue on Riley’s journey to become a Dream Chaser.

Published by JasonRDavis

Author of the #zombie apocalypse trilogy Invisible Spiders and the Edge of Darkness series.

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