Dream Chasers update

So… after much deliberation, I have decided to self publish Here Be Dragons deluxe edition. It will be released in two weeks for Kindle with the print edition coming out in April…

In preparation of the release I have started working with a new artist for the cover and here was a few quick sketches of the concept.

Part of the reason for the self publication is I like to control the release and in these rough times, want to be able to put the story out therein my own way. So.. starting tomorrow, I’m going to be posting a chapter a day until the complete book is released,

That’s right. I’m making this first book in the series completely free, no catch. So you can buy the book if you like it and want your own copy, but it’s not required. Just sit back and enjoy the tale.

And if this quarantine drags on.. I may even read some of the book in a watch party as a way to connect with everyone.

Thank you everyone, for everything and please stay safe and healthy.

-David Westdale (Jason R. Davis)

Published by JasonRDavis

Author of the #zombie apocalypse trilogy Invisible Spiders and the Edge of Darkness series.

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