Here Be Dragons: Chapter 9

They didn’t have much time, and needed to get out of there. Riley quickly stood from the chair and ran, barely noticing that the chair melted into the ground as soon as she took off.

“We need weapons. Like, lasers and stuff.  Any place we can get some?” Riley said over her shoulder to Bruce and then to her side as the other girl was right there with her. 

“I tried that. The lasers couldn’t get through the scales. My saber barely made it through its claws.”

“What about shooting it in the mouth?”

The dragon let out a mighty roar and the ground shook around them. 

“I couldn’t get it to keep the mouth open long enough.”

“Really? Seems to always open up around me.” Riley called out.

“Me too.” Bruce chimed in.

“Well we need to do something.  Any other weapons?” Riley asked, looking back and forth between the two, then up at the descending creature. It was closer than they’d realized and she was quick to yell, “Down!” as the dragon came near.

All three of them lunged to the ground just in time for the dragon to soar overhead. It’s long talons just missed the back of Riley’s head, and she thought they had all made it. Then she heard the scream and looked up to see that the dragon hadn’t missed them. It had Bruce in its claws as it landed.

“Now what do we do?” Riley said, looking around. The girl looked at her and Riley pointed to where the dragon had landed, clutching their friend. The girl’s shoulders hunched and she did the same thing Riley had done and glanced around them.

This place had nothing. There was no where to run, no where to find anything to fight with. It had the lava river, that was it.  This was like, the worst place to fight a dragon as all it had to do was keep chasing them and then blast them with fire breath or something. Eventually they would get tired and it would catch them. Then it could just stomp on them.

“Wait, where did you get your weapons from?  Did you bring them with you?”

“Did you miss the part where this is a dream.  Where did you think I got them from?  Where did you get your chair from?”

“I don’t know. Thought you did some kind of weird magic mumbo jumbo or something?”

“Mumbu jumbo? Magic? Lols, this is a dream.  Its in your mind.  You think therefor it comes. You wish to be in Hogwarts and suddenly you’re in Hogwarts kind of thing.”

“Well, why can’t we just wish the dragon away?”

“It’s not our dream, and its not a dragon. It’s a dream wraith and it was sent after Raz to kill him.  The creature needs to be killed or Raz needs to wake up, but it can’t simply be wished away.”

The ground shook again, this time from a large dragon claw that came down in front of them.

“Split!” The girl shrieked and she felt her terror. It had gotten closer than they had realized and had just missed the two of them.

Riley didn’t really process what she said. She didn’t need to, there was a large dragon overhead, it’s claw in front of them.  Instead her own survival instincts kicked in, the claw was one way, so she ran the other. 

It was only after she had gone a few steps that she noticed that the girl wasn’t by her anymore and she realized what she had said. Since the claw had come down between the two, she must have ran the other way. 

She looked over his shoulder, partly wishing the dragon was chasing after the other girl, but feeling like a complete dirt bag if it was.  What kind of hero was Riley, if she let the dragon kill her. Riley didn’t even know her name, and though she wasn’t all that nice to her, Riley didn’t want her dead.  That would almost make her the monster in her own story.  Well, she wasn’t going to be the monster, she wanted to be the hero.  That meant she had to go back and save her.

But when Riley looked over the shoulder, she realized the dragon had turned… to follow her. 

Well, Riley, be careful what you wish for. She was back to being alone and chased by a tower, fire breathing dragon. To remind her of just how hot that fire breath could be, a new spout of fire spewed forth from the thing’s nostrils in a rush towards her. 

“Riley, watch out!” She heard Raz say and it sounded like he was nearly on top of her. Riley looked up to see that the dragon was nearly right on top of her. It was flying and it was coming down hard. She saw the flare up and knew that another fire burst was coming.

Riley dropped hard to the ground, feeling the burning on her skin as she skid on the rough rocky surface. She was out of breath, all of this was getting tiring. How long had the dragon been chasing her? She felt like she had run more in the last fifteen minutes than the rest of his life. This had been such a fight, and she knew he had to do something now or this was going to be her end.

The dragon gave out a loud screech of frustration, probably from missing its target, and Riley looked up to see that it had pulled up and was swooping around to come back for her. 

Okay, that was enough, she had to do something, and she did have an idea.  Probably wasn’t going to work, but there was always a possibility, right? So, don’t focus on the chances, she thought. “Don’t tell me the odds kid,” flashed through her mind and she chuckled inwardly thinking of the old Star Wars line. That was exactly right, don’t tell her the odds, she just needed to get it done. She needed that ray or hope or sunshine. Think positive, just keep thinking positive. Just keep thinking about a ray of sunshine. Positive, positive thoughts.

I’m going to die. I’m positive I’m going to die. How about that for positive.

The sun broke through the dark sky in a ray of sunshine. The light struck the dragon squarely in the eyes and it blinded the beast. Dragons were night hunters and hid in caves. The sun, even the tiniest of hints of it blinded them, or so Riley thought anyways. This was a think beam of it, and quickly the dragon flailed out of control in the air before it began to lose altitude.

It was falling to the ground. As it fell, Riley watched as it’s smaller front claws kept reaching for its eyes as though to wipe away the light. The light had already disappeared back into the dark sky, but the remnants must have still been flashing in the dragons eyes as it continued to fall, each attempt to right itself was thwarted by its disorientation.

It must have cleared some of its vision or maybe it just sensed the impending ground because it jerked its wings out wide I what was obviously an attempt to steady itself and glide back into the sky. Unfortunately for the dragon it was too late as it still crashed to the ground, it’s back claws slamming first and with a loud crack as they hit fulling outstretched. If they were human bones, both would have been shattered, but the tougher dragon hide made it hard to tell how much damage was done to this monstrous creature. The ground was shaking and it was still crashing forward, slamming more like a large plane with no landing gear, the massive body forced down into the ground as it continued to slide with the momentum.

“Yes! Take that you oversized lizard!” Riley yelled as the dragon continued to slide along the ground, its momentous weight causing the whole world to shake.

Riley wasn’t sure how long it was going to continue to slide, and she never got to find out. The claws she thought must have been shattered on impact, dug into the rocky ground and forced itself to stop. Then it stood and looked at Riley, it’s orange, lizard like eyes burrowing into her own as it let out an angry roar.

It’s chest heaved with hard breathing.  Those burning eyes stayed locked and focused on her.  Its nostrils flexed with anger. If there was a way to know for sure now that this dragon was furious, this was it.  She didn’t think it could look more ticked off, and all of it aimed directly at her.

“Hi” she said to it in a falsely cheerful voice.

“What are you doing?” She heard the girl yelling at him.  She was far away, over by the river, but somehow she could still hear her, her the confusion and desperation in her voice. 

“Don’t worry!  I have a plan.”

“Um, Riley?” Bruce/Raz yelled down at her.  “I think you really ticked him off.”


“You should probably run.”


“So why aren’t you running.”

“I have a plan.”


And then the dragon was the one to start running. It ran straight for her. There was only about a football field in distance between them, but the dragon was covering the distance quickly, and Riley just stood there, waiting for it.

“Yeah, I have a plan.  A dumb one, but a plan.” Riley mumbled as she took a step back and hoped that this would work.

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